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Inteli-tech is the world leader in mobile body scanning technology. We are the first and only handheld, mobile device that provides full SC feedback. We are also the creators of the first device that can auto-detect liquids, drugs or metals and signal the user with variable feedback. Our scanners are not government/TSA use approved as our scanner offer full body, complete scans. Certification is required for purchase. Check your jurisdiction and/or state for regulations. Only available from security or law enforcement licensed retailers.

T-I200 Mobile - Detects all materials - $160,000.00/unit
T-I300 Mobile - Detects all materials as well as calibrates for SC scanning - $220,000.00/unit
T-IU400 Traditional stand-up scanner - $180,000.00/unit

Ideal for VIP/livescan events, first responders, field agents, concerts, police task forces, political or high profile functions and anywhere you need instant and mobile scanning ability.

Easy to operate menus, easy results, fast calibration. Fast settings, instant support and history.

Full SC operation. One touch records/history with facial recognition.

Auto-detects materials, liquids, drugs, metals. Two cameras with varied scanning options. N-R-D-T-A. We've introduced a new level of material interpretations and viewing.
Clothes detection(L) Varied material scanning removal(R)

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